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Mass Pleasures Hosts Halloween Ball

LOS ANGELES — Mass Pleasures, Europe’s place for lifestyle/swinger soirees for young couples and single ladies, is hosting a Halloween Ball. Fans can expect a night of fun with a spooky twist. The event will take place at the Los Angeles Mansion on Saturday, Oct. 26 from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Read full article

Fifty Shades of Los Angeles Parts I

Click to view larger image Have you ever given head at a double header? Mass Pleasures presents to you the discerning clientele ‘Fifty Shades of Los Angeles’ parts I & II double-header inspired by the novel from E.L. James where fantasies and fetishes come true this time under the moonlit sky over California for some

LOS ANGELES Labor Day Weekend BlowOut, DAY & NIGHT PARTY

MassPleasures presents the “ultimate seduction” party for high class, sophisticated cultured swingers and the Social Gliterratti at a luxurious Hollywood Hills Mansion with spectacular views , This event is selling out fast so please do not leave it till last minute. Grab your tickets NOW if you are a member of Mass Pleasures, if you are not